See who's viewed your Facebook Profile with the Check Me Out App on Facebook

See Who has Viewed Your Facebook Profile with Check Me Out

See Who's Viewed Your Profile with Check Me Out on Facebook

Check Me Out is a great, new Facebook application that lets you follow, view profiles, meet and connect with other users on Facebook that have a Check Me Out profile. "How is that different to other apps" I hear you say?

Check Me Out has a great profile view feature that allows you to see whos viewed you profile and how often they have viewed it. This will enable you to see whos viewed your facebook profile because they like you OR see who view your profile because they want to connect with you OR who is just viewing your profile on the Facebook app.

Its also a great way to meet new people for friendship, dating, groups - basically anything you like! Simply look through the profiles and see who takes your fancy, follow them by adding them to your top ten and wait for them to view your profile. Once they have viewed your profile, they will then choose to connect with you or just follow you.

Sign up to the Check Me Out app now on Facebook and start connecting with people all over the world, and don't forget, you will be able to see whos viewed your facebook profile.

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Some more information about the application

If you like spending time on facebook and updating your profile, pictures, status and friends; then you will love the Check Me Out application. It has been designed to be used anyway you like; from dating to simply chatting with a new friend. Whats more, Check Me Out actually lets you view thousands of profiles within the FaceGrid and is completely random - so you never know whos profile you will see, but you will know who has been looking at your profile by simply using the 'Who's Checking Me Out' page. From here, you will get a FaceGrid of all the facebook and applications users that have viewed your profile and how many times that have looked at your profile information. That way you can see who has been watching you from a far or who is interested in you.

You'll also be able to see who is the most popular user at the moment in the 'Top Trending' page. You can look at the top 20 profiles from here and see who's profile has been viewed by the most facebook users. The Top Trending user is the person with the most profile views in a specific time frame, so if you want to be famous, simply update your profile with some interesting information and pictures and hopefully you'll attract some attention form other users - remember, the more people that view your facebook profile and your Check Me Out profile - the higher you will rank in the Top Trending section.

In addition to viewing profiles, you can also chat with those users that have connected with you in our handy little chat feature. To chat to another user, you will need to view their profile, click on the 'add to my ten' button and wait for them to connect up with you. You only get 10 people to add to your favourites, so you may need to keep swapping around to make more connections. Simply view the profiles of those users that look interesting and see if they connect up with you. You can have unlimited connections and make as many new friends as you like, so keep watching and viewing different profiles and adding people to you top ten.